A new kind of escape game

As the great grandchild of history’s most infamous Mob Boss, you’ve always known how to get your hands dirty without getting caught. But now the law has finally caught up with you and officers are on the hunt to throw you in the slammer!

You’ve locked yourself in your great grandfather’s abandoned hideout and have only an hour before the police barge in and arrest you. You must find the secret escape, but before you leave...why not help yourself to some the lost treasures still hidden within the old speakeasy...

How much can you escape with before time runs out?

Please contact escapexrooms@gmail.com prior to booking if you require special accommodations.

  60 minutes

  6 to 13   (minimum 4)

  Difficulty: 7.5/10
  Tickets: $32 per person

  Private room

 Great for: Enthusiasts or adventurous first-timers