60 years after the disappearance of the Cain Family ...


Sixty years after the disappearance of the Cain family, prospective residents have come to the manor ... every one of them citing strange behavior in the household. Voices echo from the ceiling and footsteps go pitter-patter across the attic floors.

Though the manor has remained abandoned, those that dare enter the establishment report inexplicable chills that linger in the air and feelings of being followed. Some say the spirit of Master Cain remains trapped in the attic, doomed to stay in the house for all eternity. 

Do you dare explore what lies in the attic?

This room requires the climbing of stairs. Please contact us at info@escapexrooms.com prior to booking if you require special accommodations.

  60 minutes

  6 to 13   (minimum 4)

  Difficulty: 7.5/10
  Tickets: $32 per person

  Private room

 Great for: Large groups, team-building